Saturday, 4 June 2011

You're like a tree; a bad branch can lead to a good piece of fruit...

You're like a tree; a bad branch can lead to a good piece of fruit...

Hey Bloggers,

Ever feel like just cutting someone or something out?  If you just get rid of a hurdle, you won't have to jump it, right?

'You're like a tree, a bad branch can lead to a good piece of fruit though remove that branch, you also remove that fruit.'

In life we experience many hurdles, tests some may call them or even just factors of life.  Whatever you believe, hick-ups and problems arise in many places.  There are many people who choose to deal with problems, many who choose you ignore them and others who choose to remove them.  If we remove a problem do we also remove the solution?  What if the solution is in fact a reward?  In my opinion, a tree is the best way to demonstrate the potential gain from a problem.

Trees come in many varieties and have many different types of produce.  Sometimes, a tree will have a problem.  Does that mean we instantly cut it down?  Do we decide despite all the time and resources we have invested in this tree that we are simply going to cut it down because it has one problem?  Personally, I wouldn't.  I'd investigate further as to the cause of the problem and possible remedies.  This would again take time and I might even have to contact an expert - is it worth it?  How much do we really value this tree?  Well I guess it would depend on how many trees of the same kind we have.  If we had an apple orchard with over 100 apple trees it might not be that big of a deal to us.  Though, if we'd manage to grow an orange tree here in the UK we'd try our very hardest to revive it.  The point I am trying to make is that we often prioritise things according to how important we think they are.

Let’s say the tree was an apple tree and it had a bad year.  Come on, there is no point in keeping it - we thought - so to avoid a lot of hassle we deemed it easier to just remove it.  So, the tree surgeons came along, did their job and took it away.  No real big effect seems to happen for a few months after as the trees are just beginning to produce fruit.  Market time comes.  It was a good year and many of the trees produced some really good apples and £5000 was made that summer.  £100 short of £5100 which would have left us enough money to buy the brand new car we'd been budgeting for but, now we have to just wait until next year (what's to say it will be as good of a year)...

Okay, maybe it is a bit farfetched but, the point I am trying to make is that we never know how important things are to us until they are gone - which I am sure you have heard many people say before.  Relating it to a more human example could be falling out with a friend.  Instead of trying to make peace with that friend, you may deem it easier to just forget about them and move on.  The hostility between you and your friend may lead your other friends to be forced to side with you or them which could cause many more upsets.  The situation could lead to either you or them with a big loss of friends.  Though, if you'd have just jumped that hurdle, you'd both be fine.

So what do you think?  Is trying to keep everything a bit too farfetched?  Can some of us have better insight than others as to the results of our actions?  Let me know what you think in the comments below and follow me here or on Twitter@


  1. O Man! Are you really 16?

    I really loved your thoughtful post but just cannot believe because teenagers in this era are mostly busy discussing Laptops, Phones, Movies, Sports and that's all. I am sorry but just want to appreciate your writings and wish that you should keep on learning and writing for long.

    Now coming towards the bad branches of the tree.

    Yes, certainly they can lead to fruits.

    The one who cuts rose plants because of his hatred for thorns will never be able to see roses as well.

    I would also love to share what Marty Robin our fellow blogger says,

    "Should I refuse the honey because the bee stings?"

    Best Wishes

  2. I am 16 yes but, because I am the eldest of 6 I have matured slightly quicker :). And yes that quote hits the nail on the head really! Perfect choice! Thank you so much for the blog review and the comment - it means a lot!

    Thanks again,


  3. It's true what you say, some people are willing to give up on the whole package just because they can find a couple of flaws.

    As long as that branch is producing a good piece of fruit, why on earth should anyone want to cut it down ?