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Does putting your career before your family show a bad family life?

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Do you put your family or career first?  If career, do you live alone?  Can a career be an escape from reality?  Can it show insecurity about you?

'Does putting your career before your family show a bad family life?'

There are many people out there who prioritise family and career differently.  This is because people have different outlooks on both careers and families.  Some may see a career as a way to support their family, some may see it as a way to boost their ego and others may see it as a way to escape from their life.  So, we can categorise careers in two main ways: it is either to aid you or your family.  Though, does a career aimed to support mainly you indicate a poor family life?

There are many wives, children and husbands out there that have to deal with their partner's/ parents’ lengthy absences from home.  In some cases, the one absent is bringing in a lot of money and wishes they could spend more time at home.  Though, there is also the other case whereby people try to work as many hours as they can to avoid being at home.  I think this can be very sad - especially if someone has a family.  It is sad to think that someone would try to work the majority of the hours God sends to stay away from their children and wife/ husband.  How is this caused one may ask?  I believe that high positions in work provide people with a lot of respect and responsibility.  However, at home if that person is bossed around, has little responsibility and isn't regarded very highly they may prefer the work environment.  This I think is more potent in men - not to be sexist here.  This is because typically men are dominant and a lot of the time want to run a household but, due to women being very organized and having a far better understanding of how their children's days goes because they are with them more, men are unable to have this control they desire.  Therefore, that is why I think a lot tend to enjoy work more.  Obviously, this is not the case with everyone though I think it can be applied to quite a few cases.

What about if someone has no family for whatever reason?  I have two ideas for this one.  Firstly, I think if someone does not have children and a partner, the only thing they have is a career to work on.  Even if they are heavily involved with their nephews, nieces and other extended family members, I think the amount of spare time they have is still very large.  Therefore, they use this to boost their profile in their career to try and make something of themselves, boost their ego or even escape from the reality that they are alone and have no family (immediate).  The other idea I have is that some people generally want to devote their life to others.  They want to help in the running of the world and help in the facilitation of others’ lives.  These types of people I class as spectators with intervention (check out 'Are you a spectator or player in life?' for more).  For whatever reason, some people can't have children and therefore feel they still want a purpose in life.  Therefore, they may choose to devote their life to medicine, teaching, conservation work or a type of charity work.  Again these both show careers being used to conquer a lack of or poor family life.

So what do you think: can you really tell a lot about someone’s family life by their lust for their career or amount of time they spend working?  Rate this blog using the boxes below and leave a comment here please.  Also, you can follow me here or on Twitter@

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  1. I was reading an article about how most men would love to have children with there wife's and girlfriends but the women are more interested in their careers than starting a family and those who do have children don't even spend time with them and they just dump them on relatives and friends. I was watching "why did I get married?" and I remember this scene where one of the women came home late from work and she walked into her husband and a friend of his. A moment after the friend left the wife said "don't bring that tramp into our house again!" The husband then said "that tramp has being looking after your daughter, taking her to music lessons and picking her up from school when you constantly leave her standing twice!" But the wife didn't seem to care and made look like its the husbands fault. The husband then decided enough was enough and said "I'm moving out" leaving the wife devastated. That just makes me so upset and I can just imaging the hurt and heartache the men and children feel, I couldn't stop crying about it. These women are so wrapped around their careers and when they decided that they won't to have children it's too late, they suffer a manupause and they can't have children, and another article that really made my blood boil is that people that have children don't show them any love or affection, they call their children a mistake, a man on "Young, dumb and living off mum" said "Gracie has been one of my biggest mistakes". Calling you child a mistake is a lie and a shame, the children are not to blame, all they want is love and compassion and if people didn't want to have children then they should've used protection. All men and women have the right to work and have careers but working part time is a good time.
    There are loads of other women who would do anything to have children and those who do have children and love them dearly would read those articles and would go mental.