Thursday, 9 June 2011

Madness is a mad thing...

Hey Bloggers,

Do you try not to find deeper meaning in things?  Is it easier to just accept things or do you need to know the ins and outs of everything?  Do you try to find meaning where there is no meaning?

'Madness is a mad thing, does that have a meaning?'

There are many people on the Earth who go mad.  It is fact.  Though, why do these people go mad?  Some do because of their great amounts of academic intelligence, others because of severe chemical imbalances in the brain and others because they think too hard.  There could be a link here.  Massive amounts of academic intelligence leads to one thinking too hard and perhaps missing the simple steps but, also severe chemical imbalances in the brain could mean we are using some parts more dominantly than others, right?  Therefore we are thinking harder again.  And deep thinkers, well they just try to analyse everything where it doesn't always need analysis.  The trend is therefore missing out the middle man and the first man - only looking towards the final stage...

Perhaps not all cases of neuropsychosis or madness are because of people thinking too hard but, I think they could be the case in many instances.  I was talking to someone the other day who I'd met on the internet - the new craze for us youngsters!  Though, it was quite a one way conversation.  I was just typing away and he wasn't fully paying attention as he was on the phone.  Though, through typing I was able to brainstorm an idea behind madness.  The reason we'd gotten onto this topic in the first place was because I was giving very elaborate answers to very simple questions.  Anyway, I will tell you all the idea I had.

People who are mad try to find meaning in everything.  However, there is not always a meaning to be found.  Though, how come some of them believe they have actually found meaning in what there is to be no meaning?  Maybe, because there is actually no meaning in what they have found - yet they believe there is - when they try to communicate their ideas, we do not always understand them so discard them.  We don't think they are thinking straight.  This can frustrate the people and lead to symptoms of recorded neuropsychosis which then gives us an excuse - as a society - to offer them treatment/ exclude them.

Here is the bit which seems slightly odd in itself.  These people have managed to find meaning in what seems to have no meaning.  But, maybe, it had no meaning because no one had given it meaning.  So, these people have in fact created meaning opposed to found a meaning.  But, as we can't understand their way of thinking and journey towards this meaning they have found, we can't comprehend the meaning so therefore can't accept it.  This meaning, and path to the meaning, is a different reality to ours.  So, in fact, these mad people are living in a different reality!  Though they share the same time band, space, forces, laws of nature and resources we do, they do not share the same logical centre.   Perhaps theirs is not functioning well enough, functioning too well or not functioning at all.  Logic allows us to accept things.  Absence of logic means we can't accept things.

We are living among many different types of people with different social disorders, cognitive disorders and physical disorders.  We are very quick to label these people yet, very slow to understand them.  And if you think about it, despite the fact some of us are madder than others, perhaps we are all mad!  What do you think?  Are we all mad or is it only a select few of us?  Comment below and follow me here or on Twitter@


  1. I think that perhaps we have all mad. Accepting that everyone is crazy has made my life really easy. Things have the meanings we give them. Recently I was involved in a Bloggers Unite event for the Real Dr. Patch Adams - a remarkable man and doctor. He took anyone and everyone into his hospital and they never paid a dime. He never medicated any patient for psychological disorders. The line he used that I enjoyed hearing and had such an immense depth of compassion was "we met people at whatever place they were at."

    Great article. I think reading it may have overused part of my brain so however mad I was before I may be slightly more mad and am grateful for it.

    Thanks for the enjoyable and interesting read and ride.

  2. So, basically what you are saying is that the people we have labeled as mad are simply basing their arguments/opinions/delusions on a different set of premises? i.e. "The building is red. That tree is red. That chair is red." (I have decided that everything that's made of wood is red.) Now, I haven't made any logical fallacies, I've just started on what most people would deem a false premise - that everything made of wood is red.
    Or are you taking the alternate reality idea with the notion that everyone lives in their own reality?

    Very nice post! I like it. :)

  3. @Anthony: Patch Adams is one of my heros! Wanting to go into the medical proffesion myself, he is a great inspiration. I am glad you enjoyed reading my post so much and am so very grateful for your direct response :)

    @Xanthuskidd: I think the idea that everyone lives in their own reality is hard to accept for most people though, I think it is safe to say it is a possiblility that we are all living in a similar reality with some smaller and some greater differences. And for some, they are in a complete world of their own... Thank you for your response and I am again very grateful you have made a direct response :)

    Jack AKA WatchImpact

  4. I think you are vey mature for your age and I like the way you think - outside the box.
    I don't think there are people who are mad or crazy, I believe we all think based on our belief system, so every persons way of thinking is normal to them.
    I always analyze everything, dreams, thoughts, people, food etc because I believe that's where creativity and inspiration come from.

  5. Jack Blake AKA WatchImpact2 July 2011 at 13:10

    @Tatianna Thank you very much for your input and feedback. I greatly appreciate all comments. The belief system is something I think can be applicable to this and sometimes, the strength or weakness of the belief system can lead to madness (extremes however).

  6. I disagree with "Absence of logic means we can't accept things."

    Sometimes having acceptance transcends all understanding. Take different cultures for example, I read a story about a college student who on an assignment for a doctoral thesis spent a year with a group of Navajo Indians on a reservation and she developed a deep relationship with the grandmother even though they could not speak with each other, however they both had within them the common language of love and understanding and over time each learned a few words from the other's language and when it was time for the college student to go the grandmother placed her beautiful old weathered hands on the college student's face and spoke in her broken, halting english, "I like me best when I'm with you." Therefore demonstrating how logic can be circumvented given however the person's own values tie in and of themselves.

    I do rather like your progression of thought in this post, I can feel the inner workings of your mind and i look forward to reading more (:

  7. Hi

    Great information in this post and I think The trend is therefore missing out the middle man and the first man - only looking towards the final stage...