Thursday, 14 April 2011

Without one of us, the world could change dramatically...

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Ever thought about how important you actually are to the world?  Ever thought about the fact without your existence, the entire planet could be different?  Ever questioned your existence?

'Without one of us, the world could change dramatically.  A rose maybe black instead of red...'

Every move you make - no matter how little or much you think of it - has an impact.  Have you ever thought about the fact that even a sneeze can change the colour of a flower bed! 

Insects pollinate plants – as you know.  So, if you are walking in the park, and sneeze, your sneeze may frighten an insect and it may choose to go to another flower bed.  However, for all you know, the pollen it was carrying could have contained the – perhaps – rare genetic code for blue petals.  Though the flower bed it was heading for may only have the genetic code for red petals.  Therefore, the plants will remain red as they have not had this insect come over to introduce the new gene to the gene pool.  Without your sneeze, the bed could be completely blue in 20 years time!  (See the diagram for more clarity.)

Returning to perhaps a more visual concept, imagine this your mother is very, very ill.  She has been healthy her entire life and has all of a sudden been struck down by an illness that has bedbound her and led her into hospital.  You have left her bedside in the ward to do some shopping.  Whilst at the shops, the hospital phones you to inform you that your mother is in great distress and that you need to see her immediately.  You decide - in the shopping centre - to take a shortcut to the car park so you can get out of the place quicker and return to your mother.  Though in your rush, you bump into a young lady who is carrying a lot of shopping in her hands.  The lady drops her shopping though you are in too much of a rush to notice, so continue to the car...

From the distance, a young man has seen the entire incident.  He sees the young lady struggling to recollect all of her shopping bags and offers to help her out.  To cut a potentially long story short, the young lady and young man end up exchanging phone numbers.  Years and years later they both get married and have a young boy.   He then grows up to study robotics and designs a fully working, bionic leg that replicates a normal leg!  This product ends up improving limbless people’s lives extensively and the technology from the leg is further used to produce other bionic limbs...

I think things like this are happening all the time.  The woman with the ill mother did not know the effects of her actions at all, she did not know she brought these two people together - but she had.  She did not know that both her and her mother played an indirect part in the production of the bionic leg...

Next time you feel your life has no importance, or that you are insignificant, just think to yourself, a sneeze can change the colour of a flower bed so, what could your day to day actions be doing?

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