Friday, 15 April 2011

Intelligence is something immeasurable...

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We are reminded of our own limitations everyday though, how often are we reminded of how unlimited we are?

'Intelligence is something immeasurable.  No amount of tests or scans can determine our intellectual value.'

You are human and I am human.  The fantastic thing about that is that we are both gifted with one of the most sophisticated masses of protoplasm known to man.  Our brains have the ability: to perceive a universe trillions and trillions the size of us; to allow us to have multiple processes going on without us even knowing about it; to experience emotions and to be self-aware; but most of all, the thing separating us from our animal counter parts is that our brain allows us to create ideas...

Now I think I know what maybe crossing your mind, or may cross your mind in the next few minutes: that's all very well, but some humans are able to create better ideas than others.  If you were thinking that, then I'd say that people like Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawkins and Isaac Newton did come up with some fantastic ideas.  The ideas they came up with also turned into something magnificent and have advanced physics greatly, but they did not come to these conclusions alone.  They all went through the world's education system and were all exposed to the most recent ideas from the people of their era – ideas that had been concluded by single people but drawn together by many.

Though still you may wonder how I can justify my statement.  Not everyone is good at science, maths or English.  However, nor is everyone good at art, geography, photography, history, mechanics, carpentry or metal work.  The point I am trying to get across is the fact that our brains are so diverse that it depends on how they are structured as to which topics we understand the easiest.  So people are highflyers in everything they do at school however that does not make them more intelligent.  They are just able to absorb subject knowledge easier than others.  The pathways in their memory system maybe better developed for all we know.  Though it does make it quicker and easier for them to create ideas as they have more knowledge to call upon without revising, they are still not any better at creating ideas – perhaps differently equipped.

This blog is all about getting others to look at life from a different perspective and to appreciate themselves more.  Knowledge can be looked upon in many ways also.  They way we look at a piece of information can play a big part in the conclusions and ideas we get from it.  Normally, the way we look at knowledge and interpret it is down to the way our brain is structured and if your brain is structured to absorb science, and you are trying to re-draw the Mona Lisa, it is not going to turn out fantastic.  Likewise, if you are an artist and try to analyse a set of leukocyte counts from a patient, it make a lot of sense.

Obviously, the above is an example and you can be great at art and science though somewhere along the line, you will have a weakness.  A topic you can't understand or take slightly longer to get to grips with.  Likewise, you may feel as though many things you do are really quite difficult, but there is something out there you will find you are brilliant at.  Some of us aren't able to find are talents until we are older, some of us find them from birth.

I'll give you an example: I have quite an academically structured brain.  I am able to take to other people's ideas quite quickly and create my own as long as it is academically based.  However, if you give me a cooking book, I make the most dreadful food you could ever imagine.  (I actually managed to burn a coffee once.)  I am not very good at creating my own meals either; I need to use someone else’s idea - someone with cooking intelligence.  As well as being dreadful at cooking, I am much uncoordinated when it comes to playing any instrument.  I am unable to translate music and apply it to the instrument quick enough to play a melody.  I am also unable to find the note I need quick enough.  This is an example of understanding what is needed to be done, but not being able to form ideas around it.

Everyone is good at something as we are all able to create ideas - though in different areas.  Therefore, although we can't measure intelligence maybe we can put it into class groups?  If people choose not to use the intelligence they are born with, not to enrich their brain and don't choose to find their talent and class of intelligence, then that is a whole different matter...

Let me know what you think and what your class of intelligence is below.  Also follow me here or on twitter at!/@watchimpact

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