Saturday, 30 April 2011

Our differences make us human...

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Do you ever feel so different that you feel detached?  Is your difference classed as an illness or disorder?  Has there ever been pressure on you to change who you are simply to fit in?

'Our differences make us human; the variety of differences increases our race's complexity.'

Without the massive gene pool humans have available to them, we would not be as successful as we are today.  Genes determine absolutely everything about us, from the shape of our nose to the size of our temper.  Though one can argue external stimuli can have a great effect on the way we use our genes, though they are still the foundation for our personality, looks and life.  For some reason, people still feel under pressure to have similar genes to others.  They want to look similar and be similar to other people.  Societies tend to idolise people or characteristics.  Is this going to prohibit our race's progression?

For thousands of years, humans have been on this planet.  Though, we have not spent all that time being dominant over the world.  It is our ability to forge ideas and pass ideas down that has enabled us to be so successful alongside the use of tools.  Though, whenever one person has an idea, another person may adapt the idea to suit them.  They create another variation of the same method.  This is very evident in maths today - different teachers may teach different methods to solve the same problem.  These adaptations we make to our own techniques can in fact enhance them and make them easier to use and therefore more successful.

Why then, if differences have made us so successful in the past, do people insist on trying to be like someone else?  Why can't people try to be the best them?  At the moment we are not able to judge the full extent of the effect of idolisation though, is it perhaps going to prohibit us from advancing any faster?  What tends to be the main culprit for this new breed of 'sheep' is the media.  The media are constantly telling us what is the best way to look, what is the best way to act, what is the best clothing to wear and what is the best food to eat.  The list could go on and on.  I am very much for the world being a close global society though; I do feel that many people alive today lack the emotional intelligence and compassion to tolerate other people's way of life.  For example, in the UK many people will make fun of people who come from foreign Asian countries who wear religious artefacts or clothing.  Why though?  After all, aren't all clothes the same just stitched in a different way?  They are all used to cover our bodies so what does it matter what they look like.  Never the less, human nature is to double take anything that does not seem to be conforming.  I think this is an example of where obsessive compulsive disorder is present in all humans.

I have already discussed the huge amount of variety we have as humans in our gene pool.  This huge variety separates us from other species, for example, a plant can't choose the genes it takes.  It can't select the fittest mate and go with them - it is purely luck.  Although many animals go on mating flights and various other courtship processes to select the most appropriate mate, they will simply choose the fittest.  They may not be looking for any in depth qualities besides physical wellbeing.  One may argue that these creatures only have one layer, they only have fitness to go by as they are not lucky enough to have brains as complex as ours.  I will admit there are several other creatures in the world like dolphins, chimpanzees, orang-utans and gorillas that share our brain's complexity to an extent, however that is very few in a big world.  These creatures also have tendencies – like us – to behave in a sometimes derogatory manner around very different variations on themselves within their group.

What do you think: should we embrace differences or is idolisation the better way for humanity to turn now we are top of our game?  Leave your comments below and tick the appropriate box to give me some feedback or follow me here or on Twitter@

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