Thursday, 21 July 2011

A journey to light is better than a journey to dark...

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Do you prepare yourself for failing?  Do you not attempt something purely because you fear you will fail at it?  Or are you on the other end of the spectrum and believe you can win anything?

'A journey to light is better than a journey to dark, even if you have to pass through the dark to get to the light.'

Getting in the right frame of mind before attempting something big is something many psychology professionals will tell you.  It is also better not to let anything or anyone along your journey knock you or divert your course.  This journey may be to: love, a career, a result or even a certain status.  Whatever the journey, you're not going to get to the end very easily with an unclear path.  Though, admitting defeat before you have begun is obstructing your own path.

The topic today I will base around the metaphor of the path but, a slight diversion for a bit.  Whenever we enter a water slide, the path ahead of us is usually dark.  However, we still go through it.  Obviously, this is because we know what is at the end - a big opening and large pool of water.  In this case, it is the journey we enjoy, not the destination (unless you hate water slides).  Why do we trust the destination is actually light though?  Well, we have seen others go through and have seen they are really pleased with the ride (or sometimes you can actually see the entire slide) so presume the ride must be safe and fun.

The above can be applied to emotional journeys as well.  I was speaking with someone the other day who claimed there was 'no one' out there for him and that he must spend his days alone.  So, I said, you are right!  There is no one for you because you are so off course you are not even on a path.  Have you ever heard the phrase 'maybe our paths will cross again'?  Well, in this instance, my friend will definitely not cross paths with anyone he likes because he has already thrown a massive obstacle onto his own path which is so big; it has actually knocked him off the path!  And he is now going to have to find his way back.  Though, the thing is, finding your way back can be a lot of effort for some people - perhaps too much effort in some cases.  Therefore, they may feel it easier to resign themselves to their decided fate - loveless!  This person knows what is at the end of the journey, he has seen others pleased at the end, but still he chooses not to continue the journey as 'there is no one for him'.

I think, it is always important to look towards the destination if you can't quite see where turn your journey is about to take.  Though, you have got to make sure your destination is a bright, light one otherwise, looking forward to a dark, dull destination is not going to inspire you to get through the slightly rocky, uneven, hard stint of the journey at all!  So, however you want to think of life: a water slide, road, rollercoaster or train journey, always remember to get on a 'ride' or 'path' with the brightest, most appealing destination at the end and look through the journey!

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  1. I agree it's better to be optimistic, not because the result will be better, but because you'll enjoy the journey more. Hope you have a lovely holiday!

  2. NP said it all. Each failure contains within it all we need to know about how to succeed the next time we try. I view every failure as a stepping stone to success.
    Have a fabulous hoilday.

  3. something worth nothing31 July 2011 at 05:34

    I like the metaphor you used about the water slides. I enjoy reading your blog! Have a nice vacation!

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