Saturday, 7 May 2011

Packaging does not affect the contents...

Hey bloggers,

Are you a judgemental person?  Will you read a book based on its cover?  Do you feel conscious about the way you look, sound or even walk?

'Packaging does not affect the contents; the nicest gifts can be in the dullest casing.'

We all do it; we all make preconceptions about things based on their looks.  It happens in science, mathematics, cooking, music and obviously socialization.  An example I think we can all relate to is when we have been studying high school maths and get a number that is not perfect - it is a decimal.  Many of us think we have made a mistake though really, we haven't.  So how does this link in with my blog's theme of equality?  Well, no matter what shape, colour, sexual orientation or size you are, you're still a puzzle piece in the universe!

Like I repeat over and over again, we all have purpose.  No matter what people think of our purpose, it is still there and helps in the motion of life!  Linking back to the blog's title 'you're a puzzle piece in the universe' I would like to state that a puzzle never looks right with a missing piece.  However, if all the pieces looked the same, it would be a very boring puzzle wouldn't it?  Therefore, the different shapes and sizes give the puzzle diversity and interest.  Though, I feel no piece is better than another.  They may have different jobs yes, one might be a border piece, one may be in the middle, but without these pieces the puzzle wouldn't be complete.  They are all needed to create the picture.

So, can a puzzle piece be more worthy than another?  Personally, I don't think they can though I do think they all have different functions and different looks.  When looking at a load of puzzle pieces, would any of us be able to rank them in order of the best looking puzzle piece to the worst looking?  I feel as though I wouldn't be able to do this as I don't really judge the looks of puzzle pieces.  So, the energy, being, God, science or other supernatural force that created us may look at us as puzzle pieces.  Though, they are the creator and maker of the of the puzzle meaning every piece is tailored by them to fit into their picture of the universe - a very big picture indeed and the puzzle is going to take an age to do - good luck to them!

What do you think?  Do we all have the same level of importance or are some of us bigger puzzle pieces than others?  Let me know in the comments below and follow me here or on Twitter @


  1. I believe everyone definatly has their own place in the universe, as for the worth of that person's piece it can only be measured in actions.

  2. Nice idea, Thanks for commenting :D