Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Let people make up their own minds...

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Don't you hate it when you think you know you are right and no one is taking onboard what you are saying?  Do you get frustrated when people disagree with your perfectly constructed argument - something you see little to no fault in?

'Let people make up their own minds, perhaps with some gentle encouragement.'

We all form opinions, it is human nature, and some of us try to force our opinions onto others.  Others of us make our opinions well known.  The rest of us keep our opinions to ourselves.  Opinions can lead to fact; if society supports an opinion it makes it right.  For example the majority of us will agree that beating your child with a wooden stick because they have misbehaved is wrong therefore as we all share this general view, it makes this instance wrong.  However, there are ways we should tell people things.

If you have been keeping up-to-date with these posts, you will know that I am all for equality.  You will also know that everyone's intelligence I view as equal.  Therefore, if someone has a very controversial opinion that many of us disagree with, I feel it is not our place to tell them they are wrong.  However, it maybe our place to voice the fact we have an opposing opinion.  Through telling the person they are wrong, we are trying to prove to them we are superior - maybe not intentionally - and that we are in fact saying our intelligence is higher than theirs.  This is no way to sway anyone’s opinion.

I have found the key to influencing people is to make them come around to your way of thinking themselves.  If your opinion truly is better and maybe correct, they will eventually see error and alter their opinion.  Though, this is not an opportunity for you to act smug and rub it in their face that you were all along right - that would be very immature and actually could show a slight inferiority within yourself.  Every time we try to outdo someone, we are showing we are in competition with them.  Consequently showing we see them as a potential threat.

So, if you are not following me, through correcting someone bluntly, you show an inferiority complex.  Though through gently introducing your opinion to someone, you are in fact showing understanding to the human brain.  You are showing compassion towards a fellow being and the fact you understand how we generally operate and therefore have a greater chance of manipulation.  Ever been told the story of the wind and the sun who tried to get the man to take off his jacket? - Look it up.

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  1. One way to get you opinion across can be be to ask people questions. eg: Do think it could be done this way? or What would happen if we did this? It can open up the mind to new ideas and possibilites.

    I am intersted to find out about the wind and sun.. *opens google* :)