Saturday, 16 April 2011

Everyone is beautiful...

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Have you ever been called ugly?  Has someone ever made a comment about your appearance that has given you a complex about yourself - good or bad?  Do you rate yourself against your friends?

'Everyone is beautiful because everyone is someone’s 10/10!'

My favourite phrase and daily phrase: 'everyone is someone’s 10/10'.  Everyone feels they must conform to society's definition of beauty.  All the modelling competitions, beauty comparisons in magazines and beauty passions are all giving beauty definition - there should be no definition for beauty because we are all beautiful.

Let’s begin with trying to define our current idea of beauty.  After googling the word ‘beauty’ I was able to conclude that, as a society, we class beauty in people as: being slim, having clear skin, being curvy, having a rounded jaw line, having high cheek bones and being young.  Also, the word 'beauty' returns mainly women in Google which could also indicate that, again as a society, we feel beauty is most present in women.  Therefore, women with ridged or square jaws, similar to that of a man's, maybe saw as unattractive.  Also women who show signs of aging, have low cheek bones, have perhaps square bums or blemishes in their skin are in fact not as attractive as models.

I completely disagree with the above features being attractive or unattractive within women.  People all have their own beauty which is enhanced by their personality.  The only time I will ever use the word 'ugly' is when describing someone who does not treat others in a respectable manner.  I think it is so wrong that we have mostly, as a whole, allowed general thought patterns and opinions to craft and shape our views and opinions on beauty.  It would be very interesting to see how many people would like features in women that aren't classed as 'attractive' if they were to be completely dethatched from society, I think.

Let’s face it, some men feel women are an accessory to them - especially younger men.  They like the idea of showing their girlfriend off to the 'guys' and in order for them to impress their friends; they must select a woman that conforms to society's idea of beauty.  Also, after a while, society’s idea of beauty has become more and more embedded into our brains; so much so that most people share similar thoughts on beauty.  This is why some 'guys' feel embarrassed to date 'unattractive' women as they feel they will be judged or may not conform to standards – they may look bad in front of their friends.

Conform is a word I have used a lot within this post.  Why must we all conform?  Is it because society is so important to humanity that we feel an outcast if we do not conform?  I feel that conformation and society greatly alters our outlook on life.  Without influences such as these, I honestly believe people would be less concerned with their looks and that we would have less admissions to psych units as we would not have so many young teenagers trying to make themselves thin, becoming depressed or feeling suicidal - another whole new topic.

Although in this post I have listed the qualities in women and spoke briefly on women trying to conform, this does not mean that I have forgotten men are just as equally judged by society.  Though, if I go into them, this post will be far too long for people to even want to read!

Trying to conform causes many problems.  Society manages to embed its definition of beauty into our association cortex which is why we have set views on beauty.  However, if you can break the habit of rating people subconsciously by stopping to use the word ‘ugly’ and accept everyone as equally beautiful, maybe you'll have slightly more insight as to a person's personality when you meet them rather than being misguided by their looks.

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