Monday, 25 April 2011

Dreams can only get bigger...

Hey Bloggers,

Have you ever dreamed of something you know you can't have?  Do you stop yourself from dreaming?  Do you achieve your dreams?

'Dreams can only get bigger, is that a good thing?'

I believe that dreams are great to have.  They allow us to maintain a good level of hope within our lives which is excellent to have for our general wellbeing and aids an optimistic outlook on life.  However, many people may argue that 'the more you expect, the less you appreciate the little things' or that dreams make you more susceptible to disappointment.  Though, the question I want to answer today is: are dreams a good thing to have?

Like I have mentioned, I believe dreams allow us to open our minds to the world and look on it in a different light.  And dreams offer hope.  Hope is something that gets most of us through many a hard time.  It may help us through a financially tough time, an emotionally tough time or even a physically tough time.  We may not be able to see light at the end of the tunnel in these situations but, if we can imagine how far away the light is or what it looks like, it comforts us.  Dreams also allow our personalities to be expressed.  This is because the dreams we have link to our character.  For example: someone may dream they had a big family and someone else may dream they had a lot of money.  Neither dream is better just different with different types of desire which can be linked to a personality type or explain someone’s outlook on life.

Despite having said that, dreams can open us up to disappointment.  I mean, if we have dreamed our entire life of living in a mansion with ten cars and a butler and then end up eighty years of age living in a flat, we may be slightly disappointed.  It obviously depends on how vivid the dream was made inside your mind; how much you could imagine yourself there as to how disappointed you are.  It can also take appreciation away from the smaller things in life.  Like maybe you dream of having an eighteenth birthday party with a celebrity singer, limousine and a free bar in Cyprus, but end up with a garden party.  Though this would not disappoint me, it may disappoint the person who had this dream - again depending on how much they wanted it.

Appreciation is the key to living a fulfilled life - I think - as you will enjoy everything that comes along.  Do dreams take away appreciation?  Or do they just help us through tough times?  It is nice to have dreams as they can take us away from reality which is essential for people suffering from mental illnesses such as bipolar or other related depressions.  This is because they are able to, for a few moments, leave life behind and travel to a place far away and just relax, this maybe the case for a day dream or REM (random eye movement) dreams (or night dreams).  Being able to escape lets our mind rest.  Some of us are realists and therefore don't dream.  Though this means, when stress builds up, we will dream about perhaps work, school or whatever is stressing us out and will not be able to find a way of escaping - our minds do not get a chance to rest.  Though we may not be lacking in nourishment, sleep or company, during stress if our mind is not allowed to rest, it is so powerful that it can make the rest of our body tire.  It can also lead to loss of appetite which can further result in a knock on effect of increased fatigue.

So what do you think?  Are dreams good or bad?  Let me know in the comments below and follow me here or on Twitter @


  1. I believe in the joy of dreaming of bigger and better things, but I also think it's important to foster gratitude for what you have in your life NOW. TODAY. :)

  2. Jack, they are good, in both senses of the word. See my BC comment. :-)

  3. Neither good nor bad. Dreams are just dreams, they come and go like the morning dew.

  4. The only thing that keeps me going is my dreams. I've been accomplishing all of them so far, because I believe I can. I think if you believe and take action nothing can ever stop you from achieving what you want. Dreams help us when we fall, to get back up again.